Chiropractic X-Rays

X-rays allow chiropractors and other medical professionals to take pictures that will enable them to see bones, joints, and the spaces that exist between them. According to Dr. Paul Bryngelson of the Florence–based Dream Street Chiropractic, X-rays can be useful in diagnosing certain spine and joint issues as chiropractors can measure important angles and evaluate how a misalignment is impacting spinal and other joints.

With the use of X-rays, chiropractors can also identify if there are any arthritic changes to the spine (or other conditions manifesting), which may be indicative or the cause of other existing systemic issues. And, it is essential to diagnose arthritis early so each person can make lifestyle adjustments to help prevent further progression of the degeneration proactively.

Detecting Changes to a Spine Using X-Rays

X-rays help identify degeneration of the spine, a hallmark of the medical condition known as osteoarthritis. Once the degeneration process has begun and impacted your body, it cannot be reversed, so catching and correcting joint misalignments is key to slowing the joint degeneration.

3 Phases of Spinal Degeneration

Diagnosing degeneration early is important because as the degenerative process progresses, bone spurs, herniated discs, and the potential of nerve impingement have an increasing likelihood. Although the human body cannot reverse any existing degeneration, those who face disc degeneration can work towards reducing its impact or preventing it from further progression.

  • Phase #1 -  the discs that typically cushion the vertebrae’s movements begin to lose water and, thus, volume – as a function of age.  
  • Phase #2 -  bony changes become visible on an X-ray. Vertebrae may become to appear closer due to thinning or bulging discs. Changes to one’s natural spinal curvature may also become visible.
  • Phase #3 -  the vertebrae begin to move close together and may actually fuse with no visible distinction between discs. A surgical consultation is typically suggested at this stage of the degenerative progression, so we want to catch problems before this happens.

As a general rule, an X-ray is indicated for those individuals if there is a likelihood that the radiographs or X-rays will assist in guiding the recommended treatment plan.

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In certain circumstances, X-rays are considered useful clinical tools as they help diagnose and treat joint and spinal conditions; however, they are not necessary for each client.

For more information about the benefits of X-rays and whether or not they are needed for your specific situation, contact Dr. Bryngelson or a staff member of Dream Street Chiropractic at 859-647-7950 or online.

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