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What Is the PulStar Technique?

The idea of getting chiropractic adjustments is not something everyone is comfortable with. Some people hesitate to sign up for chiropractic care because they don’t understand how those adjustments work. They would rather live with their chronic pain than try a treatment method they mistakenly perceive as risky.

While there is no reason to avoid getting chiropractic adjustments, you can still try alternative treatment methods if you want to ease into this field of healthcare. These days, chiropractors accommodate their wary patients by using the PulStar technique.

The PulStar is a special device that sends multiple impulses throughout the body. These impulses have a bit of oomph to them. They deliver a level of force comparable to a gentle chiropractic adjustment.

A chiropractor can use a PulStar device instead of administering a spinal adjustment and get comparable results. The force generated by the PulStar can correct misalignments inside your body. It can also provide enough force to loosen up soft tissues that have tightened up due to injury.

You can ask your chiropractor to use the PulStar technique to address numerous health issues. It works remarkably well on joint pain. This treatment also helps alleviate tightness and numbness along the extremities.

Precision is another selling point for PulStar devices. The PulStar can be calibrated to ensure its impulses reach the target area. Those impulses can reach deep into the body, so they are suitable for treating muscle injuries.

Give chiropractic treatment another try by opting to experience the PulStar technique. Allow Dr. Bryngelson of Dream Street Chiropractic to conduct your treatment session featuring the PulStar technique in Florence, KY.

What Can You Expect from PulStar Treatment?

PulStar treatment does not require patients to do much.  At the start of your treatment session, the chiropractor will run a few tests using the PulStar device to identify the injured parts of your body. The device can detect if certain joints are stiffer than normal. You may be asked to stand or sit during the diagnostic process.

Treatment will begin after the diagnosis is completed. You can remain in the same seated position during treatment.

The chiropractor will move the PulStar device in different directions to ensure that the ailing parts of your body are exposed to the healing impulses. This treatment offers immediate relief, but its effects are amplified if you return for additional visits.

Try the PulStar technique in Florence, KY, by calling 859-647-7950 and scheduling a session with Dr. Bryngelson of Dream Street Chiropractic.

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