Sciatica Treatments

Address your sciatica pain by consulting with Dr. Paul Bryngelson of Dream Street Chiropractic in Florence, KY.

What Is Sciatica?

Many of us deal with chronic pain on a regular basis. Because we see it as an inevitable side effect of aging, we often don’t look too deeply into its underlying causes. That’s an unfortunate mistake to make because there may be a way to address the pain you are currently dealing with.

For example, you can take a proactive role in treating your sciatica pain.

Sciatica is a condition that often develops when a portion of the sciatic nerve ends up getting pinched. The sciatic nerve may be compressed by some bone spurs or a bulging disc. You may also experience this kind of issue if you have the condition known as spinal stenosis.

People dealing with sciatica may experience significant discomfort. In some cases, sciatica pain may affect your lower back and your legs, thus making it difficult to move around.

The pain may also intensify in certain cases. It may feel like a shooting pain that moves through your sciatic nerve. Every move you make could be painful because of your sciatica.

Some people who have sciatica experience weakness in their leg muscles. They may be rendered immobile by that particular symptom.

Work on alleviating your sciatica pain by consulting with Dr. Bryngelson of Dream Street Chiropractic in Florence, KY.

Why Should You Go to a Chiropractor to Treat Your Sciatica?

While weighing treatment options for your sciatica pain, don’t forget the help that chiropractors can provide. Many chiropractors specialize in treating the aforementioned condition.

Before a chiropractor treats your sciatica, they will first conduct a few examinations to confirm the issue. Doing this allows them to formulate a treatment plan designed especially for you.

Once they’ve confirmed the issues with your sciatic nerve, they can use all kinds of tools and techniques to treat them.

Chiropractors can use diversified adjustments to realign your spine. If our office believes that your body requires a gentler approach, we can use a drop table to mitigate the force of the adjustments. Although treatment administered using the drop table is gentler, it can still yield great results.

Patients who are dealing with excruciating pain can try out electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation can convulse and relax muscles, improving blood flow.

The chiropractor can also teach you therapeutic exercises. Perform those therapeutic exercises regularly if you wish to lower the chances of your sciatica re-emerging.

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